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Corgan Larson (born 6 March 2001), known by his stage name Corgan, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He is best known for being the front-man in the band Cosmic Signal. He was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Musical CareerEdit


In 2012 Larson showed a large interest in electronic music. He worked with his friend, DJ Tron, to create different songs.[1] Later, Larson stopped working with DJ Tron because he found out he had been stealing other's work.[2]


After he left DJ Tron, Larson began working on music of his own. He began to upload his songs to SoundCloud and YouTube, however they had never received much attention. He also began Cosmic Signal around this time and identified it as a band, however at the time he was the only person in it.


In 2014 Larson started to become strongly influenced by French rapper and musician Stromae. He attempted to learn French so he could write songs in it, but he felt he could never write songs that were not in his native language.[3]


Larson later began to be greatly influenced by alternative hip-hop duo Twenty One Pilots. In October 2015 Larson went to a Twenty One Pilot's concert held in his hometown of Sioux Falls, and described it as "a mash of colors, filled with inspired people who were glued together by two of my greatest heroes."[4]

In late 2015 and early 2016 he worked with his high school friend, Angel Aleman, to brainstorm song ideas. They both reviewed over each other's lyrics and gave each other constructive criticism. They proposed starting a band together, but didn't. This is speculated to be because of genre differences.


In 2016 Dylan Nies joined Larson in Cosmic Signal. The two began recording together in April 2016. Earlier in the year, Larson had released two singles, one cover, and one album.[5] One of the songs from his album, titled "not so charismatic" managed to receive over 8,000 plays within two weeks.[6]

On 30 May 2016 Larson officially announced the end of Cosmic Signal and that he would from then on be performing alone. People had rumored about a new album to be released in the Summer of 2016 titled "Take My Life". This was confirmed as a rumor by Corgan himself, however he said he will in fact release an album in the Summer of 2016.

Acting CareerEdit


Larson began acting in 2011, however never acted in any high-budget films or commercials. He mostly worked with his friends and family to make videos of their own, most of which were lost.


Corgan was very interested in YouTube commentating, and began a YouTube channel in early 2013. By the beginning of 2014, the channel had over 2,200 subscribers. He voice acted on this channel, and commentated over footage of him playing video games.


In 2016 Corgan and his friends William, Cayden, and Carter created a filming group called "The Meme Boyz". The group worked together to make several high quality film productions. The group is most known for it's hit "Star Battles" series, a parody of the Star Wars franchise.


  • can u not
  • Take My Life
  • Thrift Shop (DJ Tron Remix)
  • Make It Bun Dem (DJ Tron Remix)
  • This Is Bloody It (DJ Tron Remix)
  • bleach
  • don't dance
  • Goner (from Blurryface)



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