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Cosmic Signal (sometimes stylised COSMIC SIGNAL) is an American rock band formed in 2013 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.[1] Corgan Larson (lead vocals, lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and ukulele) is currently the only member of the band.[2] Former band member Taylor Small (drums) left the band in early 2016 shortly after a dispute in the band.[Citation needed] Dylan Nies was kicked out of the band in May 2016.

Cosmic Signal has released one debut album, titled "can u not" in February 2016.[3] It only included two songs, "not so charismatic" and "aloha". "not so charismatic" managed to gain over 8,000 plays on SoundCloud within two weeks.[4]

The band has also released two singles and one cover. The cover is of Twenty One Pilots "Goner" from its 2015 album Blurryface. The singles were both released in April 2016.[5]

Band membersEdit

Corgan Larson has done lead vocals, lead guitar, drums, and ukulele since early 2013.[6] Dylan Nies and Taylor Small joined in early 2016. Taylor Small left soon after she had joined after several disputes within the band.[Citation needed] Later in May 2016, Larson kicked Nies out of the band.


Corgan Larson (right) and Dylan Nies (left)

Current members
  • Corgan Larson – lead vocals, lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and ukulele (2013–present)
Former members
  • Taylor Small – drums (2016)
  • Dylan Nies – vocals, bass guitar (2016)



  • can u not
  • bleach
  • don't dance
  • Goner (from Blurryface)



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