Charles Edward "Cow Cow" Davenport (Anniston26 april 1894 - Cleveland3 december 1955) was an American blues and Boogie Woogie pianist and singer. His most famous song was written by him ' Cow Cow Blues ', that one of the first on the plate appeared Boogie-Woogie songs was.

Davenport learned to play the piano from the age of 12 and wanted to become a musician. His father, a clergyman, had other plans and sent him to the seminary. There it was Davenport graduated because he played ragtime in the Church. In the 1920s he began a career in vaudevillecircuit, including the blueszangeresen Dora Carr andIvy Smith. In these years he took the record labels in Chicago for Vocalion and Brunswick different songs, of which ' Cow Cow Blues ' has become the best known. This song is one of the first Boogie-Woogie songs that appeared on record. Davenport also was talent scout for Vocalion.

Around 1930 Davenport moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he toured, performed and recorded with Sam Price. In 1938, he suffered a stroke, leaving him partially paralyzed. He continued singing until he was forced to take jobs in bad times. In 1938, he was in a kitchen ' discovered ' by jazz pianist Art Hodes, who then helped him to record contracts. In 1942, Freddie Slack Orchestra had a big hit with ' Cow Cow Boogie, "which was partly based on Davenports ' Cow Cow Blues". The hit led to a Boogie-Woogiecraze and new interest in his music, but Davenport was there is not much the wiser. He made studio recordings until 1945. The last years were spent in poor health by.

Davenport has dozens of compositions to his credit. According to him, he would also have been the composer of "Mama Don't Allow It ' and ' I'll Be Glad When you're Dead (You Rascal You) ' (known for Louis Armstrong).


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