Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA

Founded: ?

Founded by: ?


Genre(s): Indie-Rock, Emo

Active RosterEdit

Past RosterEdit

Key ReleasesEdit


I really hope that a outgoing fan of Crank! will edit this to give you a much better summation of this label, because I am know very little about it. I can tell you that they became very popular with the quick to rise emo trend of the past 8 years, but then came the quick to fall part of the saying and needless to say, Crank! took a minor blow. They have managed to stay afloat though, and have now swayed with the rest of the independent scene back to more straightforward indie-rock (with lots of emotions of course). It is pertinent to point out that they have a very good sense of potential in this area though. Crank! has been responsible for the release of gods of indie-emo, Cursive's first record along with early material by Onelinedrawing, The Icarus Line, Mineral and Jimmy Eat World. More recently, Crank! has stayed comfortably on the hip side of the pendelum by releasing a Neva Dinova and Bright Eyes split and Dinova's full length. You could almost think of them as the younger, jealous west-coast cousin of Omaha's Saddle Creek.

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