Artist: The Mr. T Experience

Album: ...And The Women Who Love Them (Special Addition) [sic]

Appears On (Mixes): Past The Barber and Gymnasium

Song Notes: "Crash" was originally by The Primitives, and was their only hit song. The Mr. T Experience (a/k/a MTX) recorded this for the Before You Were Punk covers compilation, and it also showed up on the "Special Addition" (sic) of ...And The Women Who Love Them, a compilation of two EPs, plus a lot of demos, covers, compilation tracks and miscellaneous stuff. I love MTX, particularly Dr. Frank's intelligent, funny and informative lyrics (how many punk bands do you know that converted the lead singer's thesis paper on The History Of The Concept Of The Soul into a 2 minute song—with footnotes?). The only consistent member of the band is Dr. Frank, actually; the original line up is wholly different, and the first few albums were more on the punk side of the Pop-Punk Continuum. They've gotten farther away from punk as time goes on (Alcatraz was much closer to 1960s garage-pop than punk, really), but their new albums are still great. My favorite is still Love Is Dead but Alcatraz:The Mr. T Experience is a close second, and Yesterday Rules, the newest, is also great. And, hey, how often do you see bands that out-live the relevance of the band name? (The idea was, at the time, Mr. T had so much stuff with his name on it; cereals and toys and the like, so they figured he should have a punk band, too!) - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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