Crest of a Knave is an album by the British progressive rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1987.

Early 80 's was Jethro Tull a path of electronic rock music. Something not appreciated by the fans, and especially the albums A and Under Wraps were not popular.

After a break of two years, Crest Of A Knave the sequel to the commercially least successful Studio album by Jethro Tull, Under Wraps. This break the gentlemen have taken to figure out how to proceed with the once-successful band. There is even considered the flute to hang up permanently. But also voice problems of Ian Anderson, by many years of virtually non-stop action, were a reason to temporarily slow down to do. But the band decided to continue, but another path. The electronics was largely abandoned, in order to make this more heavy album. Ian Anderson wrote all of the songs this time all alone. Peter-John Vettese mainly on the input of the last albums was not good. He has therefore left the band, without hassle. Besides Anderson Jethro Tull now existed from Martin Barre and David Pegg. The other band members were guest musician for the time being.

But what a comeback! The band came back more strongly than expected, perhaps also by friend and foe to the surprise of their own. This of course gave an incredible incentive to continue, and it was a signal that the band was back on the right path. Not only was the album high in the charts, also it was rewarded with a Grammy award in the category of Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance, and defeated in favorite Metallica.


  1. Steel Monkey
  2. Farm On The Freeway
  3. Jump Start
  4. Said She Was A Dancer
  5. Dogs In The Midwinter
  6. Budapest
  7. Mountain Men
  8. The Waking Edge
  9. Raising Steam
  10. Part Of The Machine ¹

¹ Bonus track on the Digital ' Remastered ' version.

Line up[Edit]Edit

Guest Musicians:

  • Doane Perry (drums)
  • Gerry Conway (drums)
  • Ric Sanders (violin)

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