Artist: Visqueen

Album: Sunset On Dateland

Appears On (Mixes): Plastic Music Exchange 2006 - Rev. DOG.; Happy Birthday Dad; Dub Club: Aila - The Radio Is Broken

Song Notes: Plastic Music Exchange 2006 - Rev. DOG.; Happy Birthday Dad: I've always had a soft-spot for songs about radio, probably because I work in radio. Speaking of which, "Love erupts on broadband" is a great title for SOMETHING. Visqueen are a great local, Seattle band, and I think they've had some fame/success outside of Seattle, but they're not nearly as known as they should be. This is from their second record, and Kim Warnick's (formerly of The Fastbacks) last with the band. The only flaw with Visqueen is that they need to be more prolific; both of their albums are right around a half-hour long; Sunset On Dateland is only 9 songs. Oh well, though. Quality not quantity, I guess. -Rev. Syung Myung Me


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