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Crystal Castles is the first studio album by electronic music duo Crystal Castles released on the March, 18th, 2008 through Lies Records. The album is a compilation of the band's previous sold-out singles, early unreleased tracks and three new songs recorded for the album. Before the album's release, the original cover, which featured Trevor Brown's black-eyed Madonna artwork, was "banned" due to distributors in the U.S. refusing to distribute a CD with Madonna's face on the cover, and its use was also not approved by Brown. The current album cover features a picture of Alice with a picture of Ethan cropped in.


 [hide*1 Track listing

Track listing[edit]Edit

No. Title Music Length
1. "Untrust Us"   Ethan KathDeath from Above 1979 3:06
2. "Alice Practice"   Kath, Alice Glass 2:42
3. "Crimewave(Crystal Castles VS. Health) Kath, Health 4:18
4. "Magic Spells"   Kath 6:07
5. "Xxzxcuzx Me"   Kath, Glass 1:54
6. "Air War"   Kath 4:12
7. "Courtship Dating"   Kath, Glass 3:30
8. "Good Time"   Kath, Drinking Electricity 2:56
9. "1991"   Kath 1:53
10. "Vanished"   Kath, Van She 4:02
11. "Knights"   Kath 3:13
12. "Love and Caring"   Kath, Glass, Covox 2:18
13. "Through the Hosiery"   Kath, Glass 3:07
14. "Reckless"   Kath 3:28
15. "Black Panther"   Kath, Glass 2:56
16. "Tell Me What to Swallow"   Kath, Glass 2:14

Japan Version [10][edit]Edit

No. Title Music Length
17. "Trash Hologram"   2:17
18. "Air War (David Wolf remix)"   3:21


Crystal Castles
  • Matthew Wagner – production on "Xxzxcuzx Me", "Love and Caring", recording on "Alice Practice"
  • Squeak E. Clean – production on "Courtship Dating", "Through the Hosiery", "Black Panther"
  • Alex Bonenfant – recording on "Courtship Dating", "Tell Me What to Swallow", mixing on "Knights"
  • Lexxx – mixing on "Untrust Us", "Magic Spells", "Courtship Dating", "Good Time", "1991", "Vanished", "Through the Hosiery", "Reckless", "Black Panther"
  • Lazar Nesic – mixing on "Crimewave", "Air War"
  • Nils – mastering
  • Stuart Pillinger – cover photo
  • Mikey Apples – layout



Album charts[edit]Edit

Chart (2008) Peak


French Albums Chart[11] 175
UK Albums Chart[12] 47
U.S. Top Electronic Albums[13] 6
U.S. Top Heatseekers[13] 13
U.S. Independent Albums[13] 32


Publication Country Accolade Year Rank
NME UK The 50 Best Albums of the Year 2008 #12[14]
NME UK The Best Debut Album Of The Year 2008 #1
NME UK The Best Albums Of The Decade 2009 #39

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