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Founded: b. 1942 - d. 1999

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Website Link(s): [ A fan pag




  • [[Issac Haye
  • [[The Impression
  • [[Stevie Wonde
  • [[Marvin Gay

Member ofEdit

  • [[The Impression

Band BiographyEdit

Curtis Mayfield was a founding member of [[The Impression, which had quite a bit of success on the R&B charts, starting in the late 1950s, and expanding until the late 1960s (providing many songs appropriated as themes to the Black Power movement). In 1970, he went solo, and had a lot of success there as well -- initially with songs like "Move On Up", but his breakthrough was with the soundtrack to [[Superfly:Curtis Mayfield|Superfl, with its socially conscious message. In 1990, he was paralyzed to a stage-lighting accident, and he died from diabetes in 1999.



  • [[Curtis:Curtis Mayfield|Curti
  • [[Curtis Live:Curtis Mayfield|Curtis Liv
  • [[Roots:Curtis Mayfield|Root
  • [[Superfly:Curtis Mayfield|Superfl
  • Back to the World
  • [[Curtis in Chicago:Curtis Mayfield|Curtis in Chicag
  • [[Sweet Exorcist:Curtis Mayfield|Sweet Exorcis
  • [[Got to Find a Way:Curtis Mayfield|Got to Find a Wa
  • [[There's No Place Like America Today:Curtis Mayfield|There's No Place Like America Toda
  • [[Give, Get, Take and Have:Curtis Mayfield|Give, Get, Take and Hav
  • [[Never Say You Can't Survive:Curtis Mayfield|Never Say You Can't Surviv
  • [[Do It All Night:Curtis Mayfield|Do It All Nigh
  • [[Heartbeat:Curtis Mayfield|Heartbea
  • Something to Believe In
  • [[Love is the Place:Curtis Mayfield|Love is the Plac
  • [[Honesty:Curtis Mayfield|Honest
  • [[We Come in Peace With a Message of Love:Curtis Mayfield|We Come in Peace With a Message of Lov
  • [[Live in Europe:Curtis Mayfield|Live in Europ
  • [[Take It To the Streets:Curtis Mayfield|Take It To the Street
  • [[New World Order:Curtis Mayfield|New World Orde



Appears OnEdit



Mix CDsEdit

Radio ShowsEdit

  • [[Chris Morris Music Show Episode 1: On paper the show may look like a list of records, but on air it's an activated warhead. It thrives on its profound disregard for its consequence

Further readingEdit

  • [[Wikipedia:Curtis Mayfield|Wikipedia Pag[[Category: Artis

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