Artist: Collections of Colonies of Bees

Date Released: October 26, 2004

Label: Polyvinyl

Produced By:


  1. Fun
  2. Fun
  3. Fun
  4. Fun
  5. Fun
  6. Fun
  7. Fun
  8. Fun
  9. Fun
  10. Funeral


Recorded by a full band in the studio, Collections of Colonies of Bees developed “different versions” of the same material using electronic manipulation. The end result is a very abstract and complex album whose beauty comes from the use of musical bits and pieces along with the strategic placement of silence. There is strong emphasis on the relationship between space and time, not to mention acoustic and electronic. Word to Polyvinyl for releasing this album (which is a far reach from most of the bands on their roster), a spectacular debut of bedroom electronica. Michael Ardaiolo

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