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Cyber Track is a new band known Canada wide. They are also known for their pixelated old record symbol.


Singer: Dylan Dakers

Base Guitar: Erin Coflin

Drums: Jarom Bisgaard

Keyboard: Revalations (Real name is Mark Craig)

New Backup singer: Megan (unknown last name)


The band originally started in Calgary, Alberta, in 2010 when the singer Dylan Dakers, phoned the basist, Erin Coflin, and said "lets get the band together eh?" then He phoned the Solo artist Revalations and asked him to be the basist, he said yes. At the time Erin was the drummer, Dylan was (and still is) the singer and Revalations was the basist. They then made their first song, Mountain of lies. Two weeks later, they met again, and then they figured they needed a new basist, because Revalations was the electric keyboard player. they then made another song called the end, originally created by Revalations. A week later they got a new drummer, named Jarom Bisgaard. They chose him to be the drummmer because he way better, then they went off to make the song by Revalations called love you, without Erin! Sadly, Erin was not in their first music video. so later that day they called Erin and told him that he was the basist, and he was fine with that.


Coming soon: Debut album a trip into the unknown cover is a broken pic.


Official WebsiteEdit

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