Désirée Louise Anna Ernestine (Dési) von Halban (born 10 april 1912, vienna – died 12 February 1996, Bilthoven) was an Austrian singer. She was married to the Dutch art dealer Jacques goudstikker and carried out after the Second World War processes against the Dutch state to his legacy (goudstikker-claim).


Von Halban was born in Vienna, the daughter of Josef von Halban, gynecologist and the soprano Selma Kurz. She made career as a soprano, took in 1945 with the New York Philharmonic on a vinyl record with the Fourth Symphony by Gustav Mahler (a close friend of her mother) and was friends with the conductor Bruno Walter, of that recording. By 1937 she was Middle goudstikker, who six months earlier had become a widower , invited to come and sing at a Viennese evening on 17 June he had organized on Castle Nijenrode. It was love at first sight for her, she would explain later. They performed on 24 december of that year in the marriage. Their son Edouard was born In 1939 .

In the spring of 1940 wanted to flee, but Von Halban Netherlands goudstikker still hesitated. Only on 14 may, a few days after the German invasion, the family fled on the merchant ship SS Bodegraven, that via the United Kingdom to South America would sail. The Gold stikkers got to enter the United Kingdom and had to so a trip to South America. On the night of 16 may 15 on goudstikker fell, which create a breath was going on deck in the cargo hold. He was killed instantly. The ship submitted to goudstikker in Liverpool and was buried in Laughton. Von Halban and her son were given permission by Board to transfer to Canada. Eventually they came right in the United States .

After the second world war she bought Nijenrode Castle back from the Dutch state, which had the Castle after the liberation in management. They rented it initially to the Foundation Nijenrode, Institute for business administration out there from 1946 the Dutch Training Institute for overseas (NOIB) established, usually simply called Nijenrode . Goudstikker's widow eventually sold the Castle.

They remarried in 1950 with a.e.d. von Saher. Now was a part of the trading stock of the company by her late husband as 'enemy' ability came in the hands of the Dutch state, because the paintings would be voluntarily sold in 1940. Von Halban moisture this to; She wanted restoration of rights. In 1952 she agreed under protest in a settlement. She later stated that she had intended to donate the collection-goudstikker, but that he was taken away from her. Von Halban to in the 1980s gave singing lessons. She died in 1996.

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