DJ ONKPI (citizen name: Pierre Hirsch de Hesselle) (born 1984 in Frechen, Germany) is a German DJ of the Schlager genre. He currently lives in Cologne, Germany.

Life and careerEdit

DJ ONKPI was born in 1984, son of a Lithuanian mother and a German father. Born in Frechen, but raised in Pulheim, later moving to Cologne.

In 2014, DJ ONKPI participated the competition "Schlager DJ des Jahres 2014" (Schlager Dj of the year 2014)[1] where he reached #2 of 120 DJ's participating. He joined just for fun due to the fact that Schlager is not nis genre.

Since 2011 he is following his DJ career, that also goes outside Germany. Together with DJ Chris Mega, he founded the Label HDHM Records.

2014 he obtained a contract with event management company Seven Entertainment. Along this events he could join performances with Mickie Krause, Sydney Youngblood, Willi Herren, Benjamin Boyce and many others.


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