Founded: b. 1970

Headquarters: Washington, DC

Website Link(s): [ Official Sit




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Paul Davis is a remixer, producer, composer and turtablist from Washington, DC. He got his start in the mid-1990s, putting out various singles and EPs, in between writing science fiction and doing other creative endeavors. His singles and EP caught the ear of many other musicians who recruited him to work with them, and DJ Spooky's star started to rise. He's been tapped to be interviewed for many, many documentaries about [[electroni music, turntablism, sampling, and music in general.



  • [[DJ Spooky Vs Dave Lambardo:DJ Spooky|DJ Spooky Vs. Dave Lambard
  • Celestial Mechanix: The Blue Series Mastermix
  • [[Optometry:DJ Spooky|Optometr
  • [[Modern Mantra:DJ Spooky|Modern Mantr
  • [[Under The Influence:DJ Spooky|Under The Influenc
  • [[Riddim Warfare:DJ Spooky|Riddim Warfar
  • [[Haunted Breaks:DJ Spooky|Haunted Break
  • [[Songs of a Dead Dreamer:DJ Spooky|Songs of a Dead Dreame
  • [[Necropolis:DJ Spooky|Necropoli



Appears OnEdit



  • [[Quattro Noza:Soundtrack|Quattro Noz
  • SLAM
  • '"[[Condo Painting:Soundtrack|Condo Paintin

Mix CDsEdit

  • [[Dub Club - Shellshock - Spac

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