Artist: DJ Spooky

Date Released:

Label: Thirsty Ear

Produced By:


  1. B-Side Wins Again
  2. The Art Of War

Review: Rating: 5.7 of 10

Why DJ Spooky feels he has to battle every popular artist out there and not create his own music, I’ll never know. Also, why he has left his usual jazz offering to create more rockish tracks I’ll never get either, but I guess everyone changes. His forthcoming album, which these tracks are taken from is a collaboration with Dave Lombardo of Slayer fame called Drums Of Death, sounds… interesting. Track one is a remake of the old Public Enemy rallyB-Side Wins Again.” And who better to recreate an old school tune than the kind of old school rap, Chuck D. The track is extremely heavy and loud, very upbeat complimented with wailing sirens. Chuck D does the track justice with his yelling/rapping style. Not bad at all. The second track, “The Art Of War” features Vernon Reid of Living Colour fame. This is the DJ Spooky that I remember, abstract, jazzy instrumental. A very good b-side to an a-side that talks about how the b-side is always better… interesting.

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