Artist: DJ Turbulence

DJ Turbulence - DJ Turbulence Presents- Turbulence

Date Released: 2006

Label: None

Produced By: DJ Turbulence


  1. DJ Turbulence & Kanye West - Intro
  2. Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up
  3. Kanye West - Touch The Sky
  4. Pharrell - Angel
  5. Biggie Smalls featuring P. Diddy - Nasty Girl
  6. Busta Rhymes - Touch It
  7. DJ Quik featuring Chingy - Get Down
  8. D&R - I'll Do
  9. Bishop Lamont - Do It
  10. Black Rob - Ready
  11. The Game featuring Dr. Dre - Guess Who's Back
  12. Soopafly - Bangin' West Coast
  13. Daz featuring Snoop Dogg & Ku - One Gun (Remix)
  14. Jagged Edge featuring Voltio - So Amazing
  15. Rhymfest featuring Kanye West - Brand New
  16. Bishop Lamont - Do That
  17. Jay-Z - Be Like Hov
  18. Fugees - Take It Easy
  19. The Alkaholiks - The Flute Song
  20. 50 Cent - What If
  21. Ice Cube featuring Wc - Chrome & Paint
  22. Rich Boy featuring Pi - Get To Poppin' (Remix)
  23. Nore - I'm A G (Nore song)
  24. Biggie Smalls featuring Twistr & K - Split Your Game (Biggie Smalls song)
  25. Lil Jon featuring E40 - Snap Ya Fingers (Lil Jon song)
  26. Damiani featuring Daz & Wc - Only In LA (Remix)
  27. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - How They Do It (Talib Kweli song)
  28. Nelly featuring Paul Wall - Grillz (Nelly song)
  29. Pharrell - Maybe (Remix)
  30. Fort Minor & DJ Turbulence - Remember The Name/Outro:


DJ Turbulence Presents: Turb Ulence is the second Official Mixtape from DJ Turbulence. It is extremely rare to find, and, unlike most Mixtapes, contains all Edited Content, with no Explicit Content, which is extremely rare with Mixtapes.

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