Artist: DJ Vlad & Roc Raida (Hosted by Mike Shinoda)

DJ Vlad & Roc Raida - Rock Phenomenon (Hosted by Mike Shinoda) (Official Cover)

Date Released: 2005

Label: None.

Produced By: DJ Vlad


  1. "Intro"
  2. "Lil Jon Vs. Ozzy Osbourne"
  3. "Eminem Vs. Rage Against The Machine"
  4. "Ice Cube Vs. Tool"
  5. "Mike Shinoda Interlude"
  6. "Ludacris Vs. AC/DC"
  7. "M.O.P. Vs. Jimi Hendrix"
  8. "Notorious B.I.G. Vs. Led Zepplin"
  9. "Eminem Vs. Disturbed"
  10. "Mike Shinoda Interlude"
  11. "DMX Vs. Nirvana"
  12. "2Pac Vs. Survivor"
  13. "Jay-Z Vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers"
  14. "Mike Shinoda Interlude"
  15. "Eminem Vs. M.O.P. Vs. Queen (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)"
  16. "2Pac Vs. Talib Kweli Vs. Rush"
  17. "8Ball and MJG Vs. Slayer"
  18. "Jay-Z Vs. Marilyn Manson"
  19. "Linkin Park Vs. David Banner"
  20. "Eminem Vs. The Eagles"
  21. "2Pac Vs. John Lennon"
  22. "50 Cent Vs. The Verve"
  23. "2Pac Vs. Lynard Skynyrd"
  24. "Korn Vs. Dr. Dre"
  25. "Jimi Hendrix Vs. Eminem"

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