DJ Zap Scratching

Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Carlow, Ireland

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Band MembersEdit

James Strain (DJ)

Includes Members ofEdit

  • [[Monator*[[Point Zer

Band BiographyEdit

By the artist:

I got my first set of turntables in 2004 on my birthday. I didn't have a clue of how to scratch but I still practiced and learned. I made some tracks with a drum machine and layers of scratching which was really my first experience of producing. When I got a PC I got FL Studio and started trying to make beats. Eventually I got better and moved on to Reason, which I think is much better. I also make remixes and mash-ups. Usually I make these into mixtapes and put them up for free download. Right now I'm working on a few projects; my debut album, an album with CJ Hood, [[Point Zer's debut album & [[Monator's debut album.




Mix CDsEdit


  • Styles Of Beyond - Style Warz (DJ Zap Live Remix)
Styles Of Beyond - Style Warz (DJ Zap Live Remix)

Styles Of Beyond - Style Warz (DJ Zap Live Remix)

  • DJ Zap - Built From Scratch
  • Beastie Boys - Alive (DJ Zap Scratch Remix)
Alive (DJ Zap Scratch Remix)

Alive (DJ Zap Scratch Remix)

Radio ShowsEdit

  • [[ZapCas
DJ Zap
James Strain
Mixtapes: 79Cortinaz: The Rise To Fame (Official Mixtape) - Beastie Park (Beastie Boys vs Linkin Park) - To The 15 Remixes (Beastie Boys remixes) - Rewind That (Linkin Park remixes) - Beastie Boys vs Run DMC - The Blackprint (Jay-Z vs DJ Zap)
Mixtapes (Featured): The Xperience Mixtape (Original Version) - The Xperience Mixtape (Re-Release) - The Xplozion Mixtape (Original Version) - The Xplozion Mixtape (Re-Release)
Singles: "No Name"
EPs: "Recipe EP"
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Collaborators: DJ Xefusion - Jay Sinkie - CJ Hood
Other: Theorist Records (Ex-Label) - 79Cortinaz

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