Date Released:March 14, 2000

Label: Dreamworks

Produced By: E


  1. Grace Kelly Blues
  2. Packing Blankets
  3. The Sound Of Fear
  4. I Like Birds
  5. Dasies Of The Galaxy
  6. Flyswatter
  7. It's A Motherfucker
  8. Estate Sale
  9. Tiger In My Tank
  10. A Daisy Through Concrete
  11. Jeannie's Diary
  12. Wooden Nickels
  13. Something Is Sacred
  14. Selective Memory
  15. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues


After the downer of Electro-Shock Blues, E wanted to write a more upbeat album. And, well, it's more upbeat.. for E. It is a bit of an extension on the "Maybe it's time to live" line in "P.S. You Rock My World", though, since it's E, don't expect a Sunshine and Lollipops record (despite the cover art). It's a little uneven, too, like Beautiful Freak, but it's OK. The title track is absolutely gorgeous, and the bonus track was the first single, and is also outstanding. "Selective Memory" is OK, but more notable in that it provided the sample for the far superior "Fresh Feeling" on Souljacker. Anyway, this one's OK, but you could probably get away with getting it last. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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