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Dana Marie Haggard (born November 11, 1986) is an American Country music singer, songwriter and actress in her music videos. She was born and raised in Franklin, Indiana. She started becoming well known by being on Country Music Television since 2012, she began YouTube and ReverbNation in July 2014. By the time age of 14, she started playing on her father's brother guitar to learned how to play the real music. By the age of 15, her parents bought her a guitar since 2004. In 2012, when she was 26 years old, Dana M. Haggard wrote her first Christmas single Joyful Season in year 2012. Since she got a Independent Record Label as a DMHAGGARD RECORDS in year 2013. She has a new release Joyful Season single, coming out in July 2014. Dana M. Haggard has become one of the most successful artists in the world, to get started on her music career.

Early life Edit

Dana Marie Haggard was born in Franklin, Indiana, United States. Her parents, Kirby and Teresa Lynn Haggard, added "Marie" after Dana instead of Dana Haggard. At the age of fourteen, she began playing guitar in her high school, Franklin Community High School in her ninth grade. “Kirby and Teresa” recognized their fourteen-year-old daughter's talents after hearing her play "traditional songs" at home. Dana M. Haggard has an middle sister, Casey Lynn Haggard, and a younger sister, Daryl Haggard, both of whom understand her when she play. "My parents doesn’t understand my music talents until I was older”. Dana M. Haggard’s  last name is French, English, and German.

Music careerEdit

2012-12 "Joyful Season"

Dana M. Haggard Joyful Season

Dana M. Haggard new Christmas Single

In July 2013, she got a independent record label because last year Dana M. Haggard posted her first Christmas single “Joyful Season” song on iTunes. By this time, Dana M. Haggard had found that she fit in naturally with her country music styles of music, to tell the world her true life story, but although she enjoyed writing songs, her feeling secure. Dana M. Haggard has a record label, she focus on her music career, but she still had to inform herself of her decision. "I wasn't going to give up my dream”. 


Dana M. Haggard discography

Joyful Season (2012)


1. Her song "Joyful Season Instrumental"on Movie called All About Dana M. Haggard Crochet Fashion All About Dana M. Haggard Crochet Fashion 2. Joyful Season Instrumental Karaoke Lyrics Video on her YouTube Channel

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