Founded: b. 1961

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Website Link(s): [ Official Sit


  • [[Stres
  • [[Atlanti
  • [[Drag Cit
  • [[50 Skidillion Watt
  • Homestead
  • [[Shimmy Dis
  • [[Eternal Yip Ey
  • [[Importan
  • Gammon
  • [[Dualton


  • Pop
  • [[Outside


Member ofEdit

  • [[The Lucky Sperm

Band BiographyEdit

Daniel Johnston lives at home. He suffers from bi-polar disorder, but has a complete ear and knack for pop music. He used to write and record all of his albums at home on a consumer model Radio Shack tape deck, although now he's known to record at least some of his songs in the studio, if not all of them. He's in a fragile mental state, and sadly some people take advantage of him, although he also has many famous friends and fans, including [[David Bowi, [[Jad Fai, Kurt Cobain and Sonic Youth. Recently, a tribute album came out; it was two discs—one disc of people like [[eel, Beck and [[Tom Wait covering his songs, and the other disc, featured the originals. He's still putting out records, but unfortunately, the album artwork of the recent releases tends to play up his mental illness, banking on the freak show aspect to sell records, rather than the fact that he's got a great pop sensibility in his songwriting. Despite the name of the tribute record, he is still alive.



  • Songs of Pain
  • The What of Whom
  • Don't Be Scared
  • More Songs of Pain
  • [[Yip Jump Music:Daniel Johnston|Yip Jump Musi
  • Hi, How Are You
  • [[The Lost Recordings:Daniel Johnston|The Lost Recording
  • [[The Lost Recordings II:Daniel Johnston|The Lost Recordings I
  • [[Retired Boxer:Daniel Johnston|Retired Boxe
  • [[Respect:Daniel Johnston|Respec
  • [[Continued Story:Daniel Johnston & Texas Instruments|Continued Stor (with [[Texas Instrument)
  • [[Merry Christmas:Daniel Johnston|Merry Christma
  • [[It's Spooky:Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair|It's Spook (with [[Jad Fai)
  • [[Live at South by Southwest:Daniel Johnston|Live at South by Southwes
  • 1990
  • [[Artistic Vice:Daniel Johnston|Artistic Vic
  • [[Please Don't Feed The Ego:Daniel Johnston|Please Don't Feed The Eg
  • Fun
  • [[Hyperjinx Tricycle:Daniel Johnston, Ron English & Jack Medicine|Hyperjinx Tricycl (with Ron English and [[Jack Medicin)
  • Rejected Unknown
  • Fear Yourself
  • The Early Recordings of Daniel Johnston Volume 1



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  • [[Wikipedia:Daniel Johnston|Wikipedi[[Category: Artis

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