Danielle Darrieux (may 1, 1917) is a French actress.

Life and career[Edit]Edit

[1]La Coqueluche de Paris[2]L'Affaire Cicéron[3]Dani elle Darrieux in 2008

Darrieux was born in 1917 in Bordeaux. Her acting career began in early thirties. She played her first role at age 14 in the film Le Bal (1931). In 1933 she played the lead role in the drama Mauvaise Graine, the debut of Billy Wilder. In 1935 she married film director Henri Decoin with whom she turned ten films. He encouraged her to draw to Hollywood .

In 1938 she played the lead role in The Rage of Paris next to Douglas Fairbanks jr.. They separated In 1941 by Decoin and married Porfirio Rubirosa, the right hand ofRafael Trujillo.

Darrieux played next to Jane Powell In 1951 in Rich, Young and Pretty. In 1952, she played in 5 Fingers next to James Mason. In 1953, she returned to France for acting in Madame the ... next to Charles Boyer. Her last American film she played in 1956 alongside Richard Burton in Alexander the Great .

Also in her later life she had prominent film roles. So she played in 8 femmes (2001) and Persepolis (2006).

Filmography (selection)[Edit]Edit

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