Darkest Day of Horror
Darkest Day of Horror
Studio album by Mortician
Released April 22, 2003
Recorded June 2002
Genre Death metal
Length 39:43
Label Relapse Records
Producer Roger J. Beaujard
Mortician chronology
The Final Bloodbath Session
Darkest Day of Horror
Zombie Massacre Live!

Darkest Day of Horror is the fourth studio album by death metal band Mortician.[1] It takes its title from a slogan used to promote the George A. Romero film Day of the Dead.

Tour EditionEdit

Due to the cover artwork not being completed in time, the release date for Darkest Day of Horror was postponed. The album was released in two different versions. The initial release featured a simple, black-and-white packaging devoid of any artwork bearing the subtitle "Limited Fall 2002 US Tour Edition" on its cover.[1] These were pressed so that the band could sell the album while on tour. The other edition was the intended release, with complete artwork and packaging.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Audra" (Curtains) 3:46
2. "Slowly Eaten"   0:52
3. "The Bloodseekers"   1:19
4. "Voodoo Curse" (The Serpent and the Rainbow) 3:14
5. "Massacred"   1:17
6. "Human Puzzle" (Pieces (film)) 2:08
7. "Chopped To Pieces"   0:45
8. "Revenge" (I Spit on Your Grave) 1:44
9. "Mangled"   1:23
10. "Dead and Buried" (Dead & Buried) 2:38
11. "Darkest Day Of Horror" (Zombi 2) 2:32
12. "Rampage"   1:17
13. "Cannibalistic Fiends" (Frightmare) 2:06
14. "Carving Flesh"   0:46
15. "Ghost House" (Ghosthouse) 3:37
16. "Vaporized"   0:26
17. "Pledge Night Of Death" (The Initiation) 2:12
18. "Taste For Blood" (Cannibal Girls) 2:00
19. "Disintegrated"   0:34
20. "The Final Sacrifice" (Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice) 5:06
Total length:


  • Wes Benscoter - Cover art
  • Jonathan Canady - Design
  • Matthew Jacobson - Executive producer
  • Frank White - Photography
  • Will Rahmer - Engineering (assistant)
  • Roger Beaujard - Engineering, Producer

References Edit

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