Famous interesting artist, songwriter, dj and producer. He was influenced by bands like Dj Jurgen, Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk.

Behing the nameEdit

Das = it is a german article, I cannot be masc or fem, it is singular, The masc singular nominative word article in german is Der and in fem is Die. Das is considered by some linguist as neutral. Zen = japanese term for the practice of meditation and intuism, This japanese word comes from chinese Chan which is in turn the Chinese translation from the Indian Sanskrit term “dhyana,” which means meditation.Therefore the phrase Das Zen could be translated as The Meditation Machine = Mechanical device to achive an action. So Daszenmachine is the state of mind where the meditation goes automatically, automatic movement in silence. This mysterios word game is what the members try to promote, not the people, but a concept. A concept which only exists through sounds. This is the first time that a concept becomes reality through sounds, without dude a new avant garde step.



Further ReadingEdit

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