Dave Edmunds (Cardiff (Wales), april 15, 1944) is an American rock guitarist, singer and producer who is very influenced by the rock-'n-roll-music from the 1950s and the late 1970s had.

Edmunds has for the first time in the late 1960s as a member of success as a musician Love Sculpture, a band that rock songs made of classical pieces. After the breakup of that band, he has had a solo hit with I Hear You Knocking", a song by Smiley Lewis. Also he goes to work as a producer of, among other things, The Flamin' Groovies and Brinsley Schwarz. At that last band he meets Nick Lowe with whom Edmunds in the late 1970s and early 1980s, a time would work together. It works under the name Rockpile but by contractual problems appear the plates under Edmunds ' name.

The cooperation brings about hits on as Girls Talk (written by Elvis Costello) and Queen Of Hearts and several successful albums for the label Swan Songby Led Zeppelin. Also in 1980, still appears a plate under the name Rockpile: Seconds of Pleasure but cooperation with Lowe was elaborated and Edmunds went on alone.

In the mid-1980s works Edmunds along with Jeff Lynne, the leader of The Electric Light Orchestra, Lynne producing 2 albums by Edmunds that use drum machines and synthesizers but the success running back. Meanwhile, Dave also produce itself, among other things for The Stray Cats.

After the collaboration with Lynne appear with regularity plates of Edmunds and again in 1990 he works together with Nick Lowe. Nowadays lives Edmunds in Los Angeles and he does it, partly because of poor health, slow and hardly still goes on tour.

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