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Studio album by Ryan Belhsen
Released JUly 3, 2012
Recorded 2010-2012
Genre Moroccan pop, Pop, R&B, hip hop
Length 55:06
Label L-Boyz Record, New Lixus Entertainment
Producer Ryan Belhsen, Fahd Lil, Click-Boom, Trouble-G
Ryan Belhsen chronology
Ryan Belhsen (album)

Dayman[1] is the third studio album by Moroccan recording artist Ryan Belhsen. Belhsen released the album in mid-2012 as a follow up to his second album, Ryan Belhsen. Dayman was produced by Click-Boom, Fahd Lil from Laraboyz and Trouble-G from Red Bandana.


In March 2012, Belhsen announced in a YouTube interview with his fans that he was still working on "Dayman," but promised it and an earlier preview of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia would be released later that year.[2] Belhsen supported the album with his Dayman Promotion Tour, which began in the middle of 2011 in Ksar el Kebir and concluded at the end of 2012.Template:Cn


"Baghi Nkon Meak", the first single from Dayman, was released on March 20, 2010. The second single, "Neish Hdak",[3] was released in the Tangiers-Tetouan region of Morocco on January 15, 2011. It featured guest vocals from Leyla Queenas and was the most listened-to single on ReverbNation. "Mehtaj Lik", the third single, for which Ryan made his first music video, was released on April 17, 2011. "Khallini Nebghik" the fourth single from the album, was released on January 28, 2012.Template:Cn

Track listing Edit

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. Untitled  Ryan Belhsen, Fahd LilFahd Lil 3:39
2. "Whatcha Gonna Do"  Ryan BelhsenFahd Lil 3:37
3. "Bezaf"  Ryan Belhsen, Driss IchouFahd Lil 3:43
4. "Neish Hdak" (featuring back vocals from Leyla Queen)Leyla Queen, Ryan Belhsen, Fahd LilFahd Lil 3:32
5. "Mehtaj Lik"  Ryan BelhsenRyan Belhsen 3:05
6. "Never Stop This Love" (featuring back vocals from Fatine & Oumayma El Gagouh)Ryan BelhsenRyan Belhsen 3:32
7. "Khallini Nebghik"  Ryan BelhsenRyan Belhsen 4:13
8. "Fjenbi"  Ryan BelhsenFahd Lil, Trouble-G 4:13
9. "Rock Your Body"  Ryan BelhsenFahd Lil, Click-Boom, Trouble-G 3:41
10. "Nedman"  Ryan BelhsenFahd Lil, Ryan Belhsen 4:02
11. "Dayman"  Ryan BelhsenFahd Lil 2:34
12. "It's Over"  Ryan BelhsenFahd Lil, Ryan Belhsen 3:46
13. "Mohal"  Ryan Belhsen, Driss IchouFahd Lil, Ryan Belhsen 2:06
14. "Can't Let You Go"  Ryan BelhsenFahd Lil, Ryan Belhsen 3:39
15. "Tmennit"  Ryan BelhsenFahd Lil, Ryan Belhsen 3:50
16. "Kibghik"  Ryan BelhsenClick-Boom 2:33

Personnel Edit

Template:Col-start | width="50%" align="left" valign="top" |

  • Photography: Abderrahman Dahbi
  • Background vocals: Aminitta
  • Graphic design and cover art: Anouar Oulad el Haj
  • Photography and art direction: Badder Manaouch
  • Assistant: DJ Evo
  • Songwriter: Driss Ichou
  • Executive producer, mixing, mastering, sound engineer: Fahd Lil -
  • Background vocals: Fatine

| width="50%" align="left" valign="top" |

  • Photography: Ibrahim Piro
  • Assistant: Ismail Ichou
  • Background vocals: Leyla Queen
  • Stylist: New Lixus
  • Background vocals: Oumaima el Gagouh
  • Assistant: Oussama Hammadi
  • Creative director, executive producer, producer: Ryan Belhsen
  • Assistant, web-mastering: Yassn El Atifi



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