Days "is a song by The Kinks, written by Ray Davies, that in 1968 as a single, it was released.


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First recording sessions[Edit]Edit

The number Days was written during a tour in 1968. In an attempt to capture the live sound of the band on the plate, it was decided immediately after a short tour in april1968 by England pictures. On 5 may 1968 was the first version of Days as well as some other up-tempo songs, including Misty Waters and Picture Book. On 27 aprilbecame, after a short tour, where the band Sittard, Netherlands Apeldoorn and visited, the number decided whole Vlagtwedde re-record the song, along with Pictures in the Sand.

Ray Davies tells in his book x-ray that bassist Pete Quaife on the cassette of the recording Daze (numb) wrote, rather than the original title Days and described this his growing displeasure about the band. Quaife remembered the incident differently. According to him, the recordings of the song lasted so long, that he began to draw dolls out of boredom, after which Davies in anger erupted, because he is not music.

On the song are all original members of The Kinks to hear. Session Musician Nicky Hopkins, who since The Kink Kontroversy 1965 worked together with the band 's, plays both piano and mellotron on the single. The then-wife of Ray Davies, Rasa Davies, is featured as a backing vocalist.

Choice as single[Edit]Edit

In the first week of June 1968 , the song was and the first version of what became The Village Green was going to be completed. Davies was not satisfied with the recording, which had to be completed under pressure, because the band had from 8 June concert obligations in Sweden. At the end of the week 15 numbers were selected and sent just before the deadline to the Reprise RecordsAmerican record label of The Kinks. The record company chose this 11 songs, including Days, which would appear under the title Four More Respected Gentlemen.

In England became in the meantime by the English record label Pye Records, by The Kinks, after the poorly selling single Wonderboy, decided it was too risky to spend the album in this form. The new album was delayed for six months to give more time to Davies the recordings finalize properly. In the end, Four More Respected Gentlemen in America also deleted in anticipation of new recordings. In anticipation of the new album, the song was announced as a single Days .


After returning from the tour, the band recorded on 26 June at the BBC some movies on for Top of the Pops, in which she lip-synchedthe song Days . On 29 June the single appeared with on the b-side the songshe's got everything. This was an unused recording from 1966, originally from the same session came as Dedicated Follower of Fashion and early 1968 during the recording of text was provided.

On 9 October 1968 appeared in Norway and Sweden a first version of The Village Green with 12 numbers, including the number Days. This version was also Later released in FranceItaly and New Zealand. Onnovember 22, appeared in England a remixed version of the plate with 15 tracks. On this version was the number Days, as well as the number Mr. Songbird, not included. This remixed version appeared on 5 February 1969 in the same form in the United States and has become the standard version of the plate. Days were mainly available on compilation albums.

When the plate in 1998 in re-mastered form was issued on cd by Castle Records, were both the version with 12 songs like the version with 15 songs recorded, making it number was yet again United with the original plate.


From a musical point of view is an uptempo ballad Days . The lyrics of the song seems written to an old lover, who has died or left. This person is thanks for the days they spent together and forgive for his departure. The text reflects the lasting effect that this person has had on the writer and he promises that, despite that this person is no longer there, he always came with the writer will remain.

Ray Davies thought the number reflected a nice feel of finiteness. In later interviews told Davies that he had written the song as a farewell to a time. He had the feeling that the songs that he made for The Village Green Kinksnummers be the last were, that he could make. Davies also moved from the Fortis GreenLondon district where he had grown up, to Hertfordshire. As a result, he took, as he himself put it, not only saying goodbye to a home, but also a way of life, a time and a lot of inspiration.

Davies has also stated later, the song as a farewell to to see the original version of The Kinks. Around the time of recording the fiddled in the band. Pete Quaife, a childhood friend of Davies, 1966 the band already had end time left due to a serious car accident and felt less and less out of place in The Kinks. He had indicated on several occasions, since his return, from the band also returned to time and time again, but steps back. After the release of The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society , he decided to leave the band permanently.


Days was an important single for both Ray Davies and Dave Davies, who both fenced with a solo career, as The Kinks. The year 1967 saw great success for the band, which scored hits with Waterloo Sunset,Autumn almanac and Death of a clown, a solo single by Dave Davies, when the whole band playing. The album Something Else by The Kinks, the live album Live at Kelvin Hall and the subsequent single"Wonderboy" sold only moderately.

Days appeared on 28 June 1968 in England and got very varying reviews. In particular, Keith Moon, a personal friend of guitarist Dave Davies, as a guest reviewer gave a scathing review in the Melody Maker and described the song as a solo demo of Ray Davies, dated and the kind of number that Pete Townsend would never use.

The song eventually climbed to the 10th place of the UK singles chart, but did in the United States failed to reach the charts . It came In the Dutch Top 40 number to the 7th place and the Belgian VRT Top 30 until the 17th.

The success of the single, however, turned out to be but a brief revival for the band. Of the following four singles managed to reach the top 30 in England no and two of them came right in the charts at all. Also the album The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society managed to acquire in England no hitpositie.

However, from the album grew slowly to the best-selling original album by the band. Also the rating for the song Days took over the years. Since the first edition In the Netherlands is invariably in the Top 2000.

Later versions[Edit]Edit

Although the number Days regularly was part of compilation albums by The Kinks, the number after a live performance on the BBC during the new year's night of 1969 still rarely played. It also appeared on the popular live-plates not everybody's In ShowbizOne For The Road and The Road in the 1970s and 1980s. It would take until april 1988 that Davies the number began to add to the setlist of the band.

On 24 October 1991 appeared the EP Did ya, which meant a return to the band for their typical 1960s Britpop. On this EP was a new version of Days, inspired by a gala performance that the band kept on 21 Junethat year at the University of Oxford, as well as four new songs. Also on the last live album by The Kinks, To The Bone1997 is the number to find out if slow ballad.

After leaving The Kinks, Davies has also twice the number itself on plate. Davies took the number on In 2009 with The Crouch End Festival Chorus for The Kinks choral collection, in which he had taken up in old number new arrangements with a full choir. In 2010 the album See my friends on which Davies had included old songs again in collaboration with other artists. The song was played in a medley here Days with This time tomorrow in collaboration with Mumford & Sons.

Cover Versions[Edit]Edit

The number Days is coveredby various artists. Some common models are:


Chart Positions[Edit]Edit

"Days" in the Dutch Top 40 - inside: 20-07-1968
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Position 25 12 8 7 11 13 21 30 38 from

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number with listing (s)

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
Days 1011 1077 571 795 887 844 808 800 912 805 1210 1557 1668 1641 1480

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