De'Jon Wander (born 25 August 1983), also known as De'Jon Pier'e, is a British musician.


Wander began his career via the social networking site MySpace in 2006, receiving over two million profile views and two million song plays.[Citation needed] He was listed as the "Most Popular Unsigned Indie Artist" on the MySpace charts, a title which he held for eleven weeks in 2008.[1]

His work received thousands of downloads on iTunes, including his album "Individualism' [2]

The video for his single "Honest", from the album "Individualism", and for his 2010 release single called "OK", have had over 100,000 views on You Tube.

The video for his song "Wasted Energy" has remained in the Channel AKA charts since October 2010; it charted at Number 204 and has accumulated over 250,000 viewed on his YouTube channel.

Wander was also interviewed by Greenwich Times on Page 21 in February 2010, for his efforts in selling his music on iTunes. [3]

He released the album "Individualism" via iTunes on January 1, 2013, a compilation of songs released previously, and which is being distributed by Independent label Ditto Music

On September 6, 2013 De'Jon's song "iL Divo" charted at number 91 in Lithuania on their iTunes charts, also early 2014 iL Divo charted in Brazil, Peru and Bulgaria iTunes charts.[4]


  • Wasted Energy
  • Ok
  • Honest
  • Tremble
  • Rich Mind Poor Life
  • Torn Plates
  • Lose Yourself/Xklusive
  • iL Divo
  • Individualism
  • Baddabahbah
  • Don't Watch Me, Watch U Gyal


  • Individualism (2008) Album via iTunes
  • DE'JON PIER'E Album (2014) via Tunes


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