De Kleine Man (The Little Guy) is a protest song in Dutch from 1929, written by Jacques van Tol and put on record for the first time and performed by Louis Davids. The socially engaged number takes it up for the ordinary citizen who is often at the expense of the Government.


Jacques Van Tol wrote the song for the revue "laugh and forget" (1929) by Louis Davids. Although David was a Jew prevented this By Toll not to themselves during the Second World War at the NSB to connect and a anti-Semitic version of "the little guy" for the propaganda radio program Sunday afternoon cabaret of Paul de Ruiter (1940-1944).


"The little guy" has been covered and parodied is often also been. In 1930 already Panchmatia persifleerde as "the little woman" and Louis Davids did it myself also as "the little dog". Many of the later cover artists, such as Fien de la Mar (1930), Willy Derby (1930), Jetty Pearl (1941), Wim Sonneveld (1959), Henk Elsink (1969), André Van Duin (1970) and Harry Slinger (2004) applied the text somewhat to depending on current events of those years. Wim De CraeneIn Flanders's cover from 1973 the most famous version.

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