Dead Can Dance is a band composed of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry.


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Because of the eclectic style is the music of Dead Can Dance in a particular music genre not to share. The first album rooted in the post-punk of groups like Joy Division, but in the direct successor ep, the Garden of the Arcane Delights, the distinctive sound of the group visible: a heavy romantic sound based on Western, but also non-Western classical music. The sources of Dead Can Dance include found in Celtic musicOriental musicmedieval music and modern classical music as of the classical composers who fall under theGod Squad .

Dead Can Dance is recognizable by the frequent use of percussion, the wordless vocals by Lisa Gerrard (glossolalie) and the use of old or non-Western instruments like thehurdy-gurdy and the Chinese hammered dulcimer.


The name Dead Can Dance is chosen from the picture that a musical instrument sound brought a dead object-to-self is referred to by the musician and in such a way of life force animated hits. Brendan Perry about this:

The artwork on the album cover [of their first album], a ritual mask from New Guinea, tried to give a Visual reinterpretation of the meaning of the name "Dead Can Dance". The mask, though once a living part of a tree, is dead; Nevertheless, it is by the art of his maker filled with its own life force. Think to understand why we chose the name, to the transformation of non-moving moving....Think of the processes that life from death and from death to life concerning. So many people have not understood the inherent symbolism, and names that we "morbid-gothic-types", a mistake that we were to be deplored and regret... [1]


The band was formed in 1981 in the Australian city of Melbourne. After a few successful start in Australia left the band in 1984, to Londonwhere they signed to the 4ADlabel and one of the most important bands were.After the personal relationship between Gerrard and Perry was ended in the early 1990s they continued to work together, despite the fact that Gerrard went back to Australia and Perry to Ireland left. He bought a former Church, Quivey Church, where he lives and works since then. Although Perry claimed that the distance helped to preserve a certain individual creative freedom, it was clear that also the professional relationship reduced so that the two eventually in 1998, during the recordings of a cd last never appeared, parted ways. In 2005 they came back together for a world tour and also later they worked together again.

In June 2008, the entire catalog remastered released in a box-set of hybrid sacd's, in August 2008 followed by a remastered reissue of the cd's.

Anastasis album appeared In August 2012.




Compilation albums[Edit]Edit



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