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Dead Man's Path
Dead Man's Path
Studio album by Malevolent Creation
Released October 2, 2015
Genre Death metal
Length 44:31
Label Century Media
Producer Dan Swanö
Malevolent Creation chronology
Invidious Dominion
Dead Man's Path

Dead Man's Path is the twelfth studio album by American death metal band Malevolent Creation.

Track listingEdit

  1. Dead Man's Path - 4:51
  2. Soul Razer - 4:01
  3. Imperium (Kill Force Rising) - 6:09
  4. Corporate Weaponry - 3:55
  5. Blood of the Fallen - 4:52
  6. Resistance Is Victory - 3:47
  7. 12th Prophecy - 4:14
  8. Extinction Personified - 4:10
  9. Fragmental Sanity- 4:08
  10. Face Your Fear- 4:24


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