Deadache cover

Deadache is the fourth studio album of Finnish hard rock band Lordi, released in Finland on 29 October, 2008. For the release of the album the band renewed their monster-outfits. Deadache was released during the same week in about 30 different countries. The official album release party was held at the Tavastia Club in Helsinki on 31 October, 2008.

Track listing Edit

  1. "SCG IV" – 00:42
  2. "Girls Go Chopping" – 04:02
  3. "Bite It Like a Bulldog" – 03:29
  4. "Monsters Keep Me Company" – 05:28
  5. "Man Skin Boots" – 03:42
  6. "Dr. Sin Is In" – 03:47
  7. "The Ghosts of the Heceta Head" – 03:38
  8. "Evilyn" – 04:00
  9. "The Rebirth of the Countess" – 01:59
  10. "Raise Hell in Heaven" – 03:32
  11. "Deadache" – 03:28
  12. "The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile" – 04:12
  13. "Missing Miss Charlene" – 05:10

Bonus tracks Edit

There are five different versions of the album, four of which have different bonus tracks. Each version was released by a different record company, hence the differing tracks.

  1. iTunes Store: "Dead Bugs Bite" - 3:42
  2. Japanese Version: "Where's the Dragon" - 3:01 and "Beast Loose in Paradise" - 3:33
  3. Digipak Version: "Hate at First Sight" - 3:33
  4. Finnish Version: "The House" - 4:17

The song "The House" released on the Finnish Version of the album is a cover of a song originally by the Finnish rock band Dingo, the full name of the original song is "The House Without a Name".

Japanese bonus-DVD Edit

A bonus-DVD version of Deadache was released in Japan and includes the following music videos:


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