Artist: Grayskul

Date Released: February 15, 2005

Label: Rhymesayers

Produced By:


  1. You People
  2. Behold
  3. Bombs & Chemicals
  4. Adversarial Theatre of Justice
  5. Action Figure of Speech
  6. The Spectacular Rescue
  7. Voltonid Instructional Espionage
  8. Once Upon a Time
  9. Do They Exist
  10. Cursive
  11. Hatred Dispiaved
  12. Vixen
  13. After Hours
  14. The Skul
  15. Prom Quiz
  16. Deadlivers
  17. Secret Wars


As underground hip-hop album after underground hip-hop album fall from the sky, the genre is quickly becoming redundant. Not to say that there is anything wrong with the millions of emcees in the US, but it takes a lot more these days to separate your name from the crowd. Grayskul, the next group in the Rhymesayers posse (Atmosphere, Eyedea & Abilities, Brother Ali, (recent signee) MF Doom) is not necessarily bad, but do little to climb the rather long hip-hop ladder. Like most rappers, the Oldominion crew’s Onry Ozzborn and JFK are obsessed with comic books and superheroes. So for Deadlivers they are known as rhymefighting Reason and Fiddle Back Recluse. Along with bass player Rob Castro, or Phantom Ghost El-Topo (his alter ego), they are Grayskul. So if you are not confused by all of the monikers know that the music is pretty straightforward hip-hop. Reason and Recluse trade rhymes very well over somewhat cluttered, but catchy beats. The only thing that really sticks on the album is the inclusion of Aesop Rock, Mr. Lif, Canibus, Abstract Rude and Cip One as guest rappers. Not bad overall, but nothing special either. Michael Ardaiolo