Dean Hurley is an American music producer, audio engineer, mixer, and film supervising sound editor[1] living in Los Angeles, CA. Since 2005, he has operated filmmaker David Lynch's Asymmetrical Studio; a recording studio and film dubbing facility located in the Hollywood Hills.

Hurley became known primarily for his work with film director David Lynch. He has collaborated extensively with Lynch on the sound design and music for his films and commercial work as well as his albums.[2][3][4] Hurley's style of music production can be characterized by his lo-fi/hi-fi hybrid approach to recording and mixing and is largely influenced by experimentation.[5] Other musical artists he has worked with include: Lykke Li, Moby, Karen O, Dangermouse, Sparklehorse, and Dirty Beaches.[6] In 2014, Hurley worked with Zola Jesus, producing her fifth studio album Taiga.[7]


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