Originating Location: United States

Originating Era: Mid-1990s

Genre DescriptionEdit

A fusion music genre that combines elements of death metal with elements of metalcore, hardcore punk, or both. It is defined by an "excessive" use of death metal riffs, blast beats and use of hardcore punk breakdowns.

Traditional growls and screaming are common, while clean vocals are very rare and only present in certain occasions of select songs. Deathcore is defined by breakdowns, blast beats and death metal riffs. Bands also incorporate guitar solos and melodic riffs similar to those in metalcore. Like in other extreme metal genres, deathcore guitarists down tune their guitars to give their music a heavy sound, most play in drop B or drop A tuning.

Key ArtistsEdit

  • Carnifex
  • Job For A Cowboy
  • Killwhitneydead
  • Rose Funeral
  • Suicide Silence
  • White Chapel

Further ReadingEdit

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