Deborah Ann (Debbie) Harry (Miami1 July 1945) is an American singer and film actress, best known as a singer of the pop group Blondie.

She made her debut in the late 1960s folk group The Wind in The Willows, in the 1970s became familiar with Blondie and also from the 1980s made solo records. In addition, she was active as an actress. After a number of minor roles in small productions in 1979 she made her serious debut in the film Union City. Dozens of film roles would follow, of which that in David Cronenbergs Videodrome (1983), John WatersHairspray (1988), Satisfaction (1988) and My life without me (2003) are probably the best known.

Also she was a couple of years the singer of the successful Jazz Passengers.

In 1998, she made a comeback with the album with her band Blondie No exitMaria was standing when the number in 14 countries on number 1. As it became quiet around Blondie. Deborah did a number of solo projects, played with the Jazz Passengers, was on Broadway with Crave and played in numerous films. In 2003 she came again with a new Blondie-album, The curse of Blondie. There followed a world tour and the single Good boys stormed the British charts.

In 2006, Deborah along with the band members of Blondie in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also brings them in collaboration with Moby in October a new song entitled New York, New York. This number will be released as a single and can be found on the new greatest hits album, The very best of Moby's ' Go Moby '.

In May 2006, Deborah Harry from the song "Dirty and Deep" as a protest against Lil ' Kims condemnation, Lil ' Kim is a friend of Deborah.


[hide]*1 discography


Solo albums[Edit]Edit

  • Koo Koo (1981)
  • Rockbird (1986)
  • Def, dumb, and blonde (1989)
  • Debravation (1993)
  • Two times Blue (June 2007)
  • Necessary Evil (september 2007)

Jazz Passengers[Edit]Edit

  • In Love (1994)
  • Individually twisted (1996)
  • Live in Spain (1997)

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