Demevolist Music Group is a hip hop recording label started in 2005 by CEO Howard J. Burke. It was made an imprint label on Interscope Records in late 2007. The company’s name was coined by Mr. Burke meaning, “the chosen few; ” a summation of the talent embodied within the high school he attended, as is shown through their affiliate artists. According to Burke “Demevolist is the spark that will ignite the explosion of the new industry.” Burke refers to a new way of recording, performing & especially presenting rap music. It is impressive how Demevolist artists can genuinely express themselves with little pressure to model commercial conformity. Regardless of whatever pot their royalties fall in, the success of Demevolist will not be measured in monetary terms. Their success will be determined simply by listener loyalty and an appreciation for their art, which it seems they have little difficulties in acquiring. Their music speaks for itself. Demevolist Music Group is at the forefront of the New Industry.


Demevolist produced multiple mixtapes however an album was never released because of Hamilton along with Demevolist getting dropped from Interscope on September 19, 2009 for unknown reasons.

Current and Former MembersEdit

  • Sha-Leik
  • Show Tufli
  • Charles Hamilton
  • Yung Nate
  • J. Means
  • Bagdad
  • Proven
  • The I.S.A
  • Woody
  • Fedel
  • Apryl Reardon
  • Dizzyveli
  • DJ Skee


As Demevolist Music Group
Year Title US US & R&B US Rap US IND
2008 Ayo! These Niggaz Went Hollywood
  • Released: 1 December 2008
2009 First Order of Business Disc 1: Plan
  • Released: 24 February 2009
Solo Projects
Year Title US US & R&B US RAP US IND
2010 Soldier of Love By. Show Tufli(Prod. By Woody)
  • Released: 3 March 2010
2011 I Heart Yung Nate By. Yung Nate(Prod. By Woody)
  • Released: 2 February 2011

'''''Reflexions By. Dizzyveli(Prod. By Various Producers)'''''*Released: 24 February 2011

Further ReadingEdit

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