Studio album by joe DOE
Released March 30, 2010
Genre sykophunk
Length 53:01
Label Sykophunk Productions
Producer Jon Stern and Joseph VanBuren

joe DOE - Democalypse CD artwork

Democalypse is an album by sykophunk artist joe DOE. The title is a combination of the words "democracy" and "apocalypse." It can be considered a concept album, though a few songs stray from the concept. The majority of the album depicts a near-future world in which the end of the world is brought on by mankind's own greed and selfishness, and the revolution needed to rise up and save the human species from itself. This story ties in with the Dark Domain fiction world which DOE has made reference to in some past songs.

In comparison to joe DOE's previous work (including material under his former stage name, D-O-E), Democalypse mixes genres even more, placing more emphasis on melody and mood than ever before. The core of the songs are still built upon hard-hitting beats and intricate lyrics, but the hybrid nature of sykophunk is preserved by employing elements of trip hop, cyber-punk, industrial dance, goth/darkwave, electro-acoustic, ambient, and even a hint of pop. The album also features guest appearances by some of DOE's underground collaborators who bring their own style to the tracks they contribute to.

Three versions of the album were made available upon release: digital (MP3 download), street, and the "deluxe" retail version including three bonus tracks ("Deconstruction," "Solar Maximum," and "Lunar Maximum").

Track listingEdit

  1. Welcome to the rEvolution
  2. Epic Awesomeness ft. Randy Stockton from GrimWitcH
  3. Shitting in the Lap of Luxury ft. Thomas Scott Farrell
  4. Dance Until the End of Time
  5. Crazy Like a Fox News Broadcast
  6. Battle Scars ft. Christel South
  7. Fail is the New Pwned
  8. OMG
  9. 2012 ft. Dan Fury Flanagan
  10. The Catchy Song
  11. Wake From This Nightmare
  12. Sick Shit (remix)
  13. Deconstruction ft. Cherie O, Virgil Deuce and Christian Bell
  14. Solar Maximum
  15. Lunar Maximum

Further ReadingEdit

Official Sykophunk Productions site

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