Artist: The Residents

Label: Music Video Distributors

Produced By: The Residents


  1. Betty's Body
  2. Mickey Macaroni
  3. Wolverines
  4. Mr. Wonderful
  5. Caring
  6. My Brother Paul
  7. The Car Thief
  8. Ms. Wonderful
  9. Baja
  10. From The Plains To Mexico
  11. Golden Goat
  12. The Shoe Salesman
  13. Honey Bear
  14. Life Would Be Wonderful
  15. Neediness
  16. Demons Dance Alone
  17. Thundering Skies
  18. The Weatherman
  19. The Beekeeper's Daughter
  20. Ghost Child
  21. Vampire
  22. L'Oeil Du Cyclone
  23. The Impossible Dream


The Demons Dance Alone show was one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

However, when I saw it, I was not a hand-held camera, wandering around backstage, staring at the back of the guitar-playing-Resident's guitar neck, and looking around randomly. Also, the sound wasn't muddy at my show.

This is one of my most hated Residents releases, because it should have been the best, but they completely released something awful. Lousy sound, lousy camera work, lousy picture quality. It's such a waste. I suppose I can understand their wanting to do a non-traditional Concert Film, but, um, why not do that for a show that's not the best thing you've done at least in a decade? I would have been fine if they wanted to pull this shit for Disfigured Night. This should have been a straight three-camera job. As is, it's better as a sound recording where you just turn off your TV, but, well, why couldn't they have gotten a better audio recording? The sound is so muddy! ARRRGH. GODDAMN YOU, THE RESIDENTS. STOP RELEASING SUB-BOOTLEG QUALITY LIVE VIDEOS! - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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