Deniece Williams, born June Deniece Chandler (GaryIndiana3 June 1950) is an American soul singer who had a worldwide hit with "Too much, too little, too late", a duet with singing legend Johnny Mathis. Another song that they recorded with Johnny Mathis was ' Without Us ', the title song from the series Family Ties.

They grew up in a Pentecostal Church where gospel music was only permitted and where they sat choir of this Church . 

Deniece finally broke through with the song "Let's Hear It For The Boy", which is from the soundtrack to the film Footloose originated. In 1987, Deniece covered Atlantic Starr's "Always", a duet with Kenny Loggins, which is from the soundtrack to the film Dirty Dancing. It was released on Loggins' 1988 album Back to Avalon. Other hits include: "Free", "that's What Friends Are For", "it's Gonna Take A Miracle", "Black Butterfly" and "it's Your Consience"


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