Dennis McGee (Bayou Marron (Louisiana), 26 January 1893 - Mamou3 October 1989) was one of the first cajunmusicians those plates made. He played accordionand violin and was an important source of inspiration for cajun musicians.

McGee got a violin from a relative, taught himself to play and played half a year later at parties in Southwest Louisiana. In 1929 he went with violinist and brother-in-lawSady Courville to New Orleans, where he took up in March and October a few plates, such as ' Madame Young, Give Me Your Sweetest ' (also known as ' John ') and ' The Happy One-Step '. On later recordings he played with the violinists and Ernest Frugé Amédé Ardoin.

McGee controlled in addition to the usual dance styles for the cajun Waltz and the two-step, but also the one-steppolkamazurkareel, for example, the varsoviennecotillon and. His repertoire were hundreds of old cajun songs.

In the 1970s and 1980s, he played with Sady Courville at festivals and concerts. He also made recordings for various American and French labels.

Discography (selection)[Edit]Edit

  • Early Recordings, Morning Star (lp)
  • Complete Recordings 1929-1930, Yazoo, 1994 (cd)

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