Dennis Wilson (Inglewood (California)4 december 1944 - Marina del Rey28 december 1983) was an American musician. He gained fame as drummer -and at times also singer and pianist-by American rock band The Beach Boys. He was the middle one of the three Wilson brothers, who founded the band in 1961 .

After 1968 he also composed songs for the band. The most famous song is "Forever" on the album Sunflower .

In 1977, he released a solo album as the first of the group, titled Pacific Ocean Blue. It is, however, never managed to make a successor for him, though never finished project session recordings from the Bambu in 2008 were added to the reissue of his first cd.

Then it went through an alcohol and drug addiction becoming worse with him. On 28 december 1983 he drowned in the port of Marina del Rey where ever his ship lay.

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