Diane Young "is a song by the American band Vampire Weekend. The single is taken from their third album Modern Vampires or the City. He was released as the first single from the album, on april 20, 2013, by XL Recordings.

Music videos[Edit]Edit

A promotional video for the single, nicknamed official stream, appeared on the VEVO channel of Vampire Weekend on March 18, 2013, and shows 900-series Saab on fire during the entire song (a reference to the first two lines of the song, "You torched a Saab like a pile of leaves/I'm gonna find some better Wagle"). [1according to an interview with the radio station The Peak, the video was filmed in just five seconds, with a 1000 frames per second camera. The real video clip was posted on YouTube on June 3. [2the video has a very simple concept and the position and attitude of the characters (and the number, thirteen) and environment seems to be based on the famous painting "the last supper" by Da Vinci.


When the single came out, it was speculated whether the name came from someone who really existed and was known to one or more band members, especially when a New York Diane Young was found. However, the band stated that the title and the concept of the song is a pun on "dying young", thus "die young". The name was coined by singer Ezra Koenig, who had about it in an interview:

[1] I had this feeling that the world doesn't want a song called "Dying Young", it just sounded so heavy and self-serious, whereas ' sounded like a nice person's Diane Young ' name.

I had a feeling that the world is not a number called "Dying Young" (= young die) because it sounded so heavy and seriously, where "Diane Young" sounded like a name of a nice person. — Ezra Koenig


In addition to this song In the album, the band has a few more of this kind of word play integrated.

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