File:Dieanotherday5 200.jpg
File:"Die Another Day" - Madonna

Die Another Day features Madonna being captured as a spy. Also, the video makes references to Oddjob, Miranda Frost, Shirley Eaton's character in Goldfinger, Francisco Scaramanga, The Man with the Golden Gun, a spacesuit in reference to Moonraker, Blofeld's white Persian cat and portrait of the then-Bond Pierce Brosnan from a fight scene with Gustav Graves. The very end of the video has sparked some discussion as Madonna appeared to escape Houdini-like from the electric chair, leaving behind only a smouldering chair with a Hebrew expression ìàå, a phrase that can be interpreted as "great escape" or "freedom," one of the "72 Names of God," used in the Kabbalah. The video ends with the gun barrel sequence.

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