Die Dreck was a metal band from Alva, Florida. The band was created by Fuckin' Mike after the 2015 breakup of industrial-metal band Khaos Faktory . The members of Die Dreck labeled the band as "experimental metal", as its influences are very diverse, ranging from hardcore metal, punk rock, hip-hop, techno and Latin dance. The band self-released one EP in December 2015 titled No Mas Beastmode. When Khaos Faktory reformed in January 2016, Die Dreck was put on hold. Later in the year the band members decided to end Die Dreck as a project and re-label its songs as Khaos Faktory songs. No Mas Beastmode was re-released in September 2016 as Khaos Faktory, and included an extra song, a cover of "Die Monster Die" by Misfits.

No Mas Beastmode Edit

(Die Dreck version)

  1. "Morning Grindcore"
  2. "No Mas Te Amas"
  3. "Beastmode"
  4. "Halloween"
(Khaos Faktory version) Edit

5. "Die Monster Die"

Credits Edit

Tracks 1-3 written by Khaos Faktory

Track 4 written by Glenn Danzig

Track 5 written by Misfits

Guest vocals on "Morning Grindcore" by Aaron Vollmer

Produced by Chicken McFuggets

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