Artist: L'Altra

Date Released: January 25, 2005

Label: Hefty

Produced By: Joshua Eustsis (Telefon Tel Aviv)


  1. Sleepless Night
  2. It Follows Me Around
  3. Better than Bleeding
  4. Bring on Happiness
  5. So Suprise
  6. Mail Bomb
  7. There is No
  8. Different Days
  9. Morning Disaster
  10. A Day Between


Couples have been creating music together for quite a while, but in my opinion, when the couple breaks up, the tension between the two create a much more interesting sound. Much like an English version of Savath & Savalas, L’Altra (which translates to “the feminine other”) creates ballads that are written with a guitar and a Wurlitzer, and then wrapped tightly with a series of electronic noises. The vocals are shared by the ex-couple, Lindsay Anderson (also heard on Telefon Tel Aviv and Slicker records) and Joseph Costa. You can almost hear the tense push and pull feelings of the two as they constantly sing back and forth at each other like two people trying to keep a conversation going so they don’t have to experience the awkwardness of silence. For this album, they enlisted Telefon Tel Aviv’s multi-instrumentalist Joshua Eustis to enhance and tighten their sound. He does a wonderful job of filling the album with subtle ambience and creating a wonderful atmosphere that perfectly compliments the ideas of the duo. This album was definitely a pleasant surprise. Michael Ardaiolo