FIRST CONCERT DATE THIS MILLENIUM September 21, 2008 - Club Infinity, Williamsville, NY USA

Founded: 1990

Headquarters: Niagara Falls, NY

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Band MembersEdit

  • [[Christopher J. Bradle

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Band BiographyEdit

Chris has been working with electronics and [[electronica|electronic musi on and off for over a decade.

Auto BioEdit

Hi everyone, I’m Chris Bradley. I’ve been producing since 1993 - but had little to work with until recently when I scored an awesome deal on Cubase at Guitar Center. Zoo Music was nice enough to get me going here - and I’ll stick with them as long as they are doing good things for me. The first track you’ll see here is an older one. Its called Apex. It rocks back to the days of the Atlantis Raves of 1993. If you like it - just wait till you see what I’ve got up my sleeve in 2k8.



  • Zebra 1996
  • Track Listing
  • Completed 1996 and distributed on both Cassette and Compact Disc.
  1. 1991
  2. Psychosis 333
  3. Aggressive Motion
  4. Apex - The Atomic Love Remix
  5. Bermuda
  6. Car Crusher
  7. Harmonic Equilibrium
  8. Mistaken Identity
  9. Molly
  10. Prime Order
  11. Robotikz
  12. Sahara
  13. Simple Deductive Reason
  14. Spizz
  15. The Storm


  • Sky Wheel 2008
  • Track Listing
  • Completed 2008 and distributed on Compact Disc
  • also Available in iTunes
  1. The Lollipop Kids
  2. Epic ft. Aaron Leighton
  3. 3 Minutes of Pure Bass
  4. Global Process ft. Aaron Leighton
  5. Sky Wheel Take 1
  6. American Mohawk ft. Aaron Leighton
  7. American Lollipop
  8. S Bass Jam
  9. Election
  10. Sky Wheel Take 2



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[ | Digital Noise Control Official Sit[[Category: Artis

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