Dillinger(born Lester Bullock ,Kingston (Jamaica), (25 January 1953) is a Jamaican reggaeartist. Dillinger was part of the second wave of DJs and toasters that in the 70 's from Jamaica to mind. The humorous lyrics of Dillinger are inspired by Big YouthU Roy and Dennis Alcapone.

Dillinger grew up in KingstonJamaica and often hung around in Dennis Alcapone's El Paso Setup. His performance led to a completely own concert in Jackie's Sound System. Alcapone took his stage name from the famous American Gangster, making his name took over from John Dillinger Dillinger.

Dillinger scored in 1977 in Netherlands a number 1 hit with Cocaine in my brain, but with no other single or the Dutch Top 40 to reach the National Charts .


In 1977 had a Dutch persiflatie Thingy on the song Cocaine in my brain with the song "I go away Leen".

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