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Disaster Nurse Fang:The Minus 5

Artist: The Minus 5

Album: I Don't Know Who I Am

Appears On (Mixes): You're Giving Me Brain Damage!

Song Notes: This is technically a remix, but as far as I know, the original mix was never released anywhere, so it might as well be the real mix. I've often wanted to do a film of this cut, all black and white and kinda David Lynchian and creepy. It's got a lot of atmosphere. It's almost like a little mini-movie. That's what my dad always says when he hears it. It's pretty grand. Scott McCaughey is a genius. I wish more people knew that, though. Man, he should just get like a billion dollars for just existing. He's THAT awesome. Him and Kurt Bloch. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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