Disclosure is a British houseact which consists of the brothers Guy (1991) and Howard (1994) Lawrence. Disclosure makes house music in the UK garage style.


As teenagers they began producing house music after Guy went out for the first time as 18-year-old in clubs. They bought some cheap equipment and started to record music in the family home. The first productions they placed on Myspace. That attracted the attention of almost immediately the label Moshi Moshi Records that the two teens offered a deal. [1]

The group released several singles and EPS. The single Tenderly/Flow (2012) was picked up by radio stations. In their own country by the end of 2012, the group broke with the single Latch that they with singer-songwriter Sam Smith recordings. It reached number two in Britain the 11th place. White Noise even reached the 2nd place. The duo also collaborated with singer Eliza Doolittle and the group London Grammar. They stood twice in a sold out Melkweg. Performed In 2013 in a full tent on Lowlands.

Settle the album appeared in the summer of 2013. Rolling Stone put the album on the thirteenth place of best albums by 2013. [2the album was nominated for a Grammy Award.

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